Name: Achika Masaki
Birth year: 1953
Dies: 1984
Hair colour: Black (purple when she transforms)
Eye colour: Brown (red when she transforms)
Family: father Yosho, husband Nobuyuki, son Tenchi
Powers: Very strong, the Tenchiken grows into a long spear
Seiyuu: Megumi Hayashibara (awesome!)
Voice actor: Grace Zandarski

Achika Masaki is sort of a minor character in the Tenchi Muyo series. She is indeed Tenchi's mother who died when he was very young, only five years old. She makes a big appearance in the movie Tenchi Muyo in Love!, where Tenchi and the others have to go back in time (to 1970) to protect Achika from disappearing. Achika is a warm and caring person, she is so sweet and kind, like a perfect mother image. In the movie, Achika is just a high school girl who has a crush on Nobuyuki (Tenchi's father). Tenchi and the others keep an eye on her so nothing bad happens to her. But when Kain shows himself in Tokyo tower and hurts Tenchi, Achika sees the future and understand that Tenchi is her son. This awakens her incredibly strong powers and she attacks Kain (her transform is awesome). Because of using so much power, her life gets shortened, but until she dies, she is living happily with Nobuyuki. What more can I say? Achika is such a strong and kind girl. Even though she is a minor character, I think she is the best character in the Tenchi Muyo series.